Why Our Pest & Weed Control Program Works

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March 5, 2018
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Why Our Pest & Weed Control Program Works

We take a different approach to pest and weed control that gets the results you want while protecting the health of the soil, grass, plants, shrubs, and trees. While there is little question that the conventional approach of using chemicals does cause a decrease in the pests and weeds that inhabit your lawn, there are consequences that you may not fully understand.


The Conventional Approach

The issue with using salt-based fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides on your lawn is that it kills the beneficial soil microbes while leaving behind the undesirable ones that are resistant to the chemicals. Over the long term, this means that the conventional approach leaves your lawn in worse shape than before, creating even more issues with the following;

  • Thatch Accumulation
  • Soil Compaction
  • More Insects & Diseases
  • Greater Weed Presence

In areas where natural predators have been diminished, the problem is even worse. Plus, the results of using conventional pest and weed control measures have become expected by many landowners who do not know what else to do. It doesn’t help that many use even more pesticides to correct the problems created by their first attempts at ridding them from their lawn.

It also doesn’t help that the plants, shrubs, and trees which are also part of the soil also suffer from the same consequences. The homeowner gets stuck in a cycle of using even more chemicals to try to bring their lawn back to being healthy.


Why Our Approach Works

Our program works because the effect on the soil is far more qualitative, resulting in property maintenance expenses going down over time. It not only lowers the presence of pests but increases the health of your lawn. The effect of our program boosts the health of the soil which in turn causes excellent results for the grass, plants, shrubs, and trees that have roots which rely on gathering nutrients.

The primary benefits of the program for home and business owners start with the diminishing need to improve the soil which is benefitting from our program. This means less dethatching, aeration, and expense in terms of pest and week controls. With less money being spent over time to address pests and weeds, the health and wellbeing of the soil makes lawn care more productive with less effort.

Bottom line, you spend less to treat your lawn for pest and weeds and get better results that only improve over time. It will not take long for the issues with your lawn to be minimized so you can do the work yourself with ease. This is easily the biggest selling point of our product as the home or business owner will do less work over time to get the results that they want.

For homeowners, this means less time spent on their lawn and more time doing what they want. For business owners, our product means that they can cut down on lawncare expenses and focus more on other important issues. We provide effective pest and weed control that improves the health of your lawn which means you get more from our product over time that saves you money.

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