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How We Think At Organic Approach

We have realized that all life is interdependent and that our actions today have a direct effect on the realities of tomorrow. We have made it our responsibility to understand the interdependence of the various forms of life within our ecosystems, as well as the role those ecosystems play in the larger environmental picture.

We manufacture and distribute a wealth of unique products that help people all over the country solve problems everyday. We have been graced with a natural intuition for combining materials in ways that will enhance the biological and physiological processes of Nature without creating secondary problems down the line. For this reason, many of our products are truly one-of-a-kind, and you will not find them anywhere else. We hope that you find the products on our website helpful in your endeavor to make your world thrive a little bit better..

What people say about us!

Fred Holdsworth

Frederick's Organic Lawn Care & Landscape Corp

Erik Morgan of Organic Approach is a wealth of information in the Organic Land Care Industry. The Organic Approach products are unmatched, reasonably priced, and well rounded. They deliver that quality dark green lawn every customer is looking for. Erik's knowledge, coupled with the Organic Approach Product line, has been a big reason for my success in the organic lawn care industry. I cannot thank you enough Erik!  

Bryan Lilly

Natural Elements

I have been working with Erik at Organic Approach for over a decade now and it's been an absolute pleasure. Erik has always answered any questions that I have had about a particular product, or steered me in the right direction for a specific issue that I have. All of the products that I've received over the years have been extremely high quality, and they’ve been a major help in performing IPM in landscapes on high end properties. At this point, Organic Approach is the only supplier that I deal with for organic products. Also, the other nice thing is that they ship everything out surprisingly quickly and I usually have my order the next business day; it does help, of course, that I am on a major supply chain for freight carriers.

Rod Wagner

Plant Preservation

I have used the materials and advice offered by Erik Morgan (Organic Approach) for the 9 years I have been in business. The products that I have been using are what I consider very high quality, unlike most products that have a little of everything and a lot of nothing. If you want happy customers and if you want to solve problems, these products are for you. I am in the tree care industry and generate all my business from word of mouth since most customers want these types of materials, BUT are scared of all the gimmicks. Organic Approach is the real deal!!  

Kevin Weber

Arborial Artisans, Inc.

I have worked with Organic Approach since 1997 when I developed my first tree and shrub program. Over the years, my company has utilized Liquid NOP and All-Natural Fertilizers, Seaweed products and Soluble Humate products to develop the backbone of our ornamental nutrient program. We've also incorporated Organic Soil Amendment products into our lawn treatment program. The results in both instances have been amazing; we've been very pleased with product performance as well the support and professionalism displayed by Organic Approach. I would highly recommend the Organic Approach team!  

Todd Mastrobuoni, BCMA, NJ CTE 

North Jersey Tree Experts

I have been working with Organic Approach for all my organic tree and PHC needs for over 5 years. I have found the quality of their service, products, and pricing to be second to none. Erik Morgan and his staff are leaders in their industry and my business has benefited greatly from their experience and knowledge. Many times have they gone above and beyond simply conducting commerce and taken a personal interest in educating and advising on application of both organic programs, as well as best strategies on successful business building. I can't think of a company I would rather do business with for my organic needs.