Proper Tree Care

Why Should I Use Organic Fertilizers?
February 28, 2018

Proper Tree Care

Proper Tree Care

Proper Tree Care

The Importance of Tree Care

Proper Tree Care is important for a number of reasons. Properly caring for trees and shrubs can not only maintain and improve their appearance, health, and longevity, it can also be crucial for protecting your home, business, or property located near these plants. Performing proper maintenance and caring for trees ensures that the trees remain healthy and live for a long time.

Proper tree care, including pruning and removal of dead branches, can improve or maintain the overall aesthetics of the trees on your property. By regularly pruning and caring for your trees, you can prevent overgrown and ungainly tree branches from detracting from the overall beauty of the tree and the property on which the tree is located.


Proper tree care, including pruning, mulching, soil management, and fertilizing, also ensures that your trees remain healthy and free from disease and pests. Pruning removes dead or diseased limbs and branches, as well as those infected or affected by pests. Mulching reduces the environmental stress on the tree and provides the tree with a healthy root environment free from moisture or temperature extremes that may exist in the natural soil. Soil management, including fertilization, addresses potential deficiencies in the soil, including pH imbalance, poor drainage, or lack of nutrients, which can help to eliminate or reduce the stress on your trees and give your tress the proper, healthy environment in which to continue to live and grow.


Regular tree care and maintenance will also help to maintain the structural integrity of your trees and allow you to identify and diagnose potential diseases and other problems with your trees and to properly address these issues before the tree is irreparably damaged or causes damage to your home or property. Proper tree care ensures that the people and property located near the trees remain safe. Diseased trees or dead branches can fall and cause damage to people and property, including buildings, vehicles, homes, and power lines.


Benefits of Organic Fertilizers

There are a number of reasons why organic fertilizers are beneficial for the health and vitality of your trees.


First, organic fertilizers ensure that your trees will continue to get the benefit of the nutrients contained in the fertilizer for a longer period of time than with traditional fertilizers. This is because organic fertilizers are in a form that is not immediately absorbed by trees. Instead, the fertilizer must first be broken down by bacteria and fungi in the soil into a form that trees can absorb. This trait also ensures that organic fertilizers will not wash away as easily as traditional fertilizers due to rainstorms or watering.


Organic fertilizers also improve the structure and nutrients in the surrounding soil over time. This is because organic fertilizers include organic matter that enables the soil to retain moisture and nutrients.


Studies have also shown that utilizing organic fertilizer also produces less adverse environmental effects that utilizing conventional fertilizers. According to one study conducted by a graduate student at Stanford University, the primary source of nitrogen pollution comes from nitrogen-based fertilizers, and the use of organic fertilizers can play a role in reducing the adverse effects of nitrogen pollution, including contaminating water tables, causing biological dead zones at the mouths of major rivers, and contributing to global warming. Organic fertilizers also have less of a negative impact on the soil on which it is applied and the microorganisms and insects who inhabit that soil.