Where to get the best arborist supplies?

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January 22, 2018
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February 22, 2018

Where to get the best arborist supplies?

The work of an arborist is quite fascinating, but also very difficult and dangerous. For safe work, an arborist needs a special gear which:

–    Protects the arborist during the work;

–    Creates a convenient work platform for the arborist to successfully perform tasks even in difficult areas.

Most often, the removal of trees is done in the urban area or where they can destroy a valuable object. The very presence of valuable objects (and many other objects in the city’s working area) makes it difficult to get close to a tree, especially a massive one with a branchy crown. Such a tree cannot just be sawed by a chainsaw and let it fall to the surface, even with a directional drop – you can only cut off branches and parts of the tree, in turn, gently lowering them to the ground. In general, this method is more safe and effective.


Which equipment is required for arborists?

Some argue that in this case, the usual climbing equipment can be used. Some of its parts – for example, safety equipment – can really be useful to arborists, but it’s much better to purchase professional arborist supplies, without which it’s simply impossible to cope with such complex tasks.

On the website, arborist supplies are offered, which can be used by arborists in the most difficult situations.


Which arborist supplies are recommended to purchase?

The following equipment is necessary for all arborists for safe and comfortable work:

– gaffs – which allows you to easily climb any tree and be fixed on it. Gaffs are made of durable high-quality metal, which makes it possible to move freely around the tree during all weather conditions;

– harness for holding the arborist and loops for positioning. This group of arborist supplies makes it possible, with relative comfort, to arrange a workplace on any part of the tree. Even working at the high height, you can feel confident as on the ground. Straps are created with the possibility of individual adjustment for the comfort of each employee;

– professional knives, hacksaws, pruners. As it is easy to guess, it is quite difficult to handle a problematic object with an ordinary carpenter’s tool, moreover, it’s quite difficult, therefore the store offers only tools with stainless steel blades that have excellent sharpening, resistance to moisture and corrosion, and long service life even at daily use. In addition, the form of tools offered in the store allows you to work even in extreme conditions quickly and confidently.