All you need to know about organic fertilizers

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All you need to know about organic fertilizers

They contain plant nutrients mainly in the form of organic compounds. They include manure, compost, peat, and others.

Main characteristics

Organic fertilizers are substances of natural origin, manufactured by nature. They contain all necessary elements for active plant growth.

In most cases, the production of organic material occurs without human intervention as it’s the process of decay of products from the vital activity of plants or animals. The advantage of organic fertilizing is that plants absorb them very quickly, which can not be said about fertilizers created by humans.

But, to say with confidence that organic is much better than mineral fertilizers, it’s still not possible, since the majority of gardeners will say that it’s the best to mix these two types in order to obtain a large and high-quality yield.

Why are organic fertilizers considered the most valuable?

These fertilizers are the safest of all since they are created by the natural way and contain exactly those useful microelements and in exact proportions that are necessary for the plant.

These fertilizers contain such mineral elements as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, and others.

There are organic fertilizers from substances of animal and vegetable origin, which during decomposition form mineral substances, while carbon dioxide, which is necessary for plants for photosynthesis, is released into the layers of the dirt.

What affects the timing of fertilizer application?

The timing of feeding is determined by signs of the external condition of plants or by general recommendations. If there are any doubts about whether it’s worth to feed plants or not, it’s better to postpone this measure, since the excess of fertilizers may harm them. Also, the great importance has the quality of the soil, which can be determined in some ways:

If during the digging no dirt nugget is formed, then the soil is light.

If a clump forms under the compression with a palm, then the soil is clayey, that is, heavy.

The soil acidity also has a great influence, which can also be determined by some criteria, for example, if a white-edged rim is formed along the edges of the dirt, the acidity of the soil is exceeded.

Such vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, are fed not once but throughout the growing season. But, for such plants as potatoes or garlic, it’s enough to feed them only during their planting. For strawberries, it’s performed in the period of flowering and fruiting. Flowers are fed during the period of their growth and flowering.

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